State Veteran Benefits Finder

Thank you to the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) for developing and sharing this valuable resource, the State Veteran Benefits Finder, for veterans, service members, families, caregivers, and survivors. Hosting the State Veteran Benefits Finder is a part of the on-going efforts of America’s Warrior Partnership’s to educate veterans about the resources available to them.

The State Veteran Benefits Finder makes it easy to search and find information about all identified benefits. This tool allows users to filter state-level veteran benefits by type of benefit, beneficiary, and state to determine benefits for which they may be eligible - providing a unique and invaluable reference.

Please select desired variables in the Benefit Category, Beneficiary, Benefit Subcategory, and State boxes (below) to identify benefits. Each benefit listed in this tool links to a government website with additional information.

If a veteran needs assistance in accessing services, please contact AWP’s Network by completing a referral form here.